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Birthday Party FAQs

Who are parties suitable for?
Our parties are suitable for kids aged 2 - 10 years. Parties are
customised to your child’s interests and the age group/gender of guests.

Do you have private party rooms?
Yes, we do. We have 4 fantastic themed private party rooms as well as 4 themed party thrones.

When are parties available?
Parties can be booked on weekends and weekdays all year round - including school holidays.

When do I arrive for the party?
Party family should arrive 15 mins before the party starts to allow time to check-in and take shoes off etc.

How long do parties go for?
Our parties last 1 1/2 hours with a party host and party room. However, we encourage you to put extra time on your invitations and extend the downstairs playtime.

How are the parties structured?

Arrival: Birthday family arrives 15 mins prior to party start and attend to payment.

Reserved Table: You and your guests shown through to reserved table downstairs (recognised by coloured balloon).

Wristbands, shoe boxes and present boxes on reserved table.

Jugs of water for kids, plus parent platters served at this table.

Downstairs open play 45 minutes

Party Room: After 45 minutes open play hostess call children to party room where for a further 45 minutes she will serve drinks, chips/lollies, hot/cold food, party games, cut cake and open presents.

Departure: Children return downstairs to reserved table for unlimited play and receive their party bags.

Are we limited to the amount of time we can spend at Jumbos?
Not at all. You and your guests have unlimited play on our equipment.

How many guests can I invite?
Our party rooms serve up to 28 kids including party child.

What if I have more than 28 total kids?
If your party exceeds this number we can open up 2 of our party rooms to make 1 large party room.

How about decorations, can I bring my own?
Sure but for upstairs parties only. Please make sure you take home any decorations that you bring in. We often have other parties scheduled after yours. Please do not bring in confetti, silly string, pinatas or any other messy decorations.

Can I bring my own party bags and paper products?
Sure, let us know 2 days prior to the party. No discounts available.

Can I bring my own food ?
No. Jumbos Playland has a strict food safety program in place and DOES NOT PERMIT OUTSIDE FOOD TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE PREMISES. Birthday cakes and baby food excluded.

When do I confirm the number of guests?
Final numbers MUST be made 2 days prior to the party date. We will call to confirm. You will charged based on the number that you confirm.

What happens if there are younger siblings or uninvited guests turn up to the party?
We will charge guests our normal play rates.

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