Jumbos OOSH is an outside school hours care provider located at Jumbos Playland Indoor. The indoor play centre is closed to public use during the Before/After School Programs so the children are safe and free to move around the playland, making full use of all our amazing facilities. Did you know that we have 11 indoor and 2 outdoor play-spaces for children to explore?

Before School Care

Our Before School Care Program opens at 6.30am and we transport your children to local schools on the OOSH buses at 8.15am. Our Before School Care Program includes breakfast.

Families are able to book permanent or casual days in advance. 

The morning routine begins in The OOSH Cottage space. This is a smaller, warm and inviting area for children when they arrive in the early morning. Lounges, cushions and carpeted floors provides a comforting welcome, and craft tables and floor activities set up for play on arrival. Children can self-assist and grab their own craft, games and recycled materials from our open-shelving as well. The pergola (indoor/outdoor) is for those who wish to paint, playdough, slime and anything else in the messy zone. Our upstairs rooms are themed by the children with music/craft and electronics rooms.

We usually have breakfast at 7.30am and our menu is healthy and nutritious. The mornings routines are flexible, according to the needs of the children. Play in the maze is after breakfast for 10 to 15 minutes prior to getting ready for the buses. Children can feed their scraps from breakfast to our chickens as well as giving the garden a quick water.

After School Care

Children are collected from local schools and transported to our OOSH Service.  Buses generally arrive back at the service between 3.30pm-3.40pm and our OOSH service closes at 6pm.


After School Care includes afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is a progressive routine and we try to make this part of as quick as possible.

Jumbos OOSH strongly believes in good nutrition and a balanced diet helps kids grow up healthy.  We use the Eat Smart, Play Smart Manual to guide our team when preparing and providing foods in our programs. There is a wealth of information available, along with recipes and tips. Please contact Jules Hender on 0408024327 to arrange an enrolment and orientation meeting.

Before School Routine

6:30am Service opens, quiet activities in the cottage, board games, table and floor activities, gardens, feed and care for animals
7:30 – 8:00am Breakfast time – eg  Cereal, toast, fruit and yoghurt. Group discussions
7:45am Maze area and slide is open – games, craft tables and floor activities
8:15am Children leave for school runs
How to Enrol

After School Routine

3:00 – 3.30pm Children are collected from school by Chartered Bus (Port Bus) and OOSH buses
3:30 – 3.40pm Children arrive at service, temperatures are taken, put bags away, wash hands
3:45pm Afternoon tea is served, outdoor playgrounds and/or indoors.  Group discussions
4:00pm Indoor/outdoor program begins.  Over 8’s use cottage/feed animals, gardens
5:00pm Maze closes. Quieter activities, board games, table activities and floor activities
6.00pm Services closes
How to Enrol

Before School Care: Mon-Fri 6:30am – 9:00am  Includes: Breakfast
After School Care: Mon-Fri 3:00pm – 6:00pm – Includes: Afternoon Tea/Supper